Daughter of Les & Joan Allan and sister to Chris, Katie originated from Belfast and settled in Fradley, Staffordshire with husband, Stuart, and two children, Sam and Sophie.

Katie wrote this blog to share her story, improve awareness and spread inspiration & positivity amongst families, friends and others 'battling cancer - one day at a time'

Katie Scarbrough
04 March 1981 - 02 May 2013

Having No Options Takes Away The Hope!

To carry on from my last blog ‘What A Difference A Week Makes’,the Bowel Surgeon inserted the drain into my tummy and within 30 mins I felt so much better again and it had drained nearly 2 litres off. I also had to have a blood transfusion as my Red Blood Cell count was low.  This felt quite strange as I am so used to having blood taken from me. I kept looking at it and thinking it was my ‘Vampire Blood’ and like in The Vampire Diaries it was going to heal me. The night I had the transfusion was very long as the nurses had to keep coming to check my blood pressure and I didn’t sleep well at all. It did what it was supposed to do and perked me up and I felt less lethargic. My hat goes off to all those people who donate their blood regularly, I only wish I could do it back in return.

On the Monday (my birthday), the Bowel Surgeon came and removed my tummy drain, all in all we drained almost 4 litres again. He also said I could go home, which was nice to hear, as after 6 days I was fed up with being in hospital. After waiting most of the day for my medications, Stuart and I managed to escape just before 5pm, and as per my Birthday blog, enjoyed a birthday tea with my family which was nice.

Tuesday, we were back at the hospital for my Oncologist Consultant appointment to discuss having Cetuximab again. My White Blood Cell count had improved, so she gave me the go ahead to have it the next day. She also told me about some Necrosis on my liver, which is dead cells, which may be an indication the Cetuximab is doing something but there is no way of knowing if the dead cells were the cancer cells or good cells. It really is mad to think all this Cancer treatment stuff is all trial and error and not really knowing for sure, which doesn’t fill me with optimism.

On Wednesday, as usual it was #purplewigwednesday, so I went into the Chemo Unit all happy and positive. The easy part is just sitting having the drugs put through, its the not knowing if they are doing what they are supposed too makes it hard.

Thankfully, Thursday was a day off from the hospital, but on Friday morning I woke up with a temperature and had to go up to get checked out. I woke up uncontrollably shivering and my temperature was 38.8c, and we couldn’t take any risk. I had my bloods done which showed a slight infection and was put on a course of antibiotics. That is normal procedure with infections unless it’s a lot worse and you end up staying in on an IV drip. I was able to go home.

Over the weekend, we just chilled out and enjoyed being at home as a family. This was nice to do as the week had been really hectic with all the toing and froing from the hospital. I was still quite weak from my 6 days in there and was trying to build myself back up. Just lifting my leg up the stairs was hard to do.

On Monday, I ate the wrong thing. Too much bread and foods that are struggling to go through my bowel. As now I have the kink, the passage is narrow and really I should be eating softer and easier to digest foods. But, my head was telling me I was starving and just wanted to eat it. After my dinner I was so uncomfortable and felt like the food was still sitting halfway up. Believe me, it’s not a nice feeling. Overnight, I was sick and had stomach cramps again. I had obviously aggravated the kink in my bowel again. So back to the hospital it was and I was admitted.

We had been due to go up to the hospital anyway on the Tuesday to speak to my Consultant. As she had further results from the CT Scan I had had done the week previous. This time the radiologist had compared them to the rest of my scans giving a fuller picture of what’s going on. So we took Stuart’s Mum and Dad for morale support, as we know from past experience we never get good news!! But, as I was poorly I was getting treated and moved to the ward and Stuart’s parents spoke to my doctor at this point.

As soon as I had the anti-sickness and pain relief I felt better, but it was decided to not eat for a few days to rest my bowel and get it moving again. I also had an Xray to check I didn’t have a blockage, as this may have required surgery. The Bowel Surgeon, thought it was the kink and put me on a higher dosage of steroids to try and help with the inflammation.

On Wednesday, as I hadn’t really spoken to my Oncologist the day previous, she came to see me on the ward with my CNS. She proceeded to tell me that she didn’t think the Cetuximab was working and that at this point she wouldn’t be giving me the Irinotecan any more as it was making my Bowel worse with the cramps. I argued with her about the Cetuximab, as I felt that we hadn’t given it a chance to do anything, as I had been having it sporadically due to being ill in between instead of weekly as I should have been having it. She explained that my Tumour markers had gone back up, and I said that would of course happen if I kept missing a few of the treatments out, as I had not had it strictly every week. She agreed to give it to me for the next couple of weeks and then check my tumour markers and take it from there. I just kept thinking, that if she takes the Cetuximab away from me I have nothing, as she already said there are no options that she has treatment wise for me.

This is exactly were we are at now…no more options!! Taking away the treatment options takes away any hope. She is referring me to a surgeon in Leeds at my request, to The Christie’s hospital in Manchester and back to the Royal Marsden. This is all clutching at straws now. The doctors are not able to do anything for me at my own hospital and, in this day and age, I can’t believe there is no other treatment that may work for me.

The Bowel Surgeon came to see me and again I had the conversation of operating. I just want him to do anything to make more room in my tummy. I am struggling to eat, my head wants to eat loads but as my tummy is full of tumour and this bloody cancer there is nowhere for my stomach to stretch too. If treatment isn’t shrinking it and the surgeon won’t operate, as it’s too risky, my tumour is only going to get bigger, I won’t be able to eat and that is my road to a slow death!!!! I asked the Surgeon just to remove my ovaries, give me a hysterectomy, take away some of my bowel, as I really don’t need any of those. He said that even if he thought that it would be worth it by 1% he would, but he doesn’t think it would benefit me, as I probably wouldn’t leave the hospital again. He also said that because of the cancer they would all be stuck together and not easy to operate on. I am trying to weigh it up and part of me is even thinking that surely it’s better to die fighting on an operating table rather than just waiting for the cancer to take hold even more than it already has. Cancer has taken everything away from me and I hate it!! I hate that it’s making me bitter and emotional, I hate that it’s given me no hope, I hate that it’s made me weak and dependant on people and, most of all, I hate that it’s going to take me away from my kids and family!!!


  • Kerry Says

    Remember Katie just how strong you are. This cancer will never take away the strength and determination you and your family have shown. You are a fighter. We are all Si desperately proud of you Katie. Xxx

  • susan gilmour Says

    katie– Your fighting spirit continues to #amazeballs all of us-Unless you are in the situation that you are in, no one can say that we know how you feel-we can all imagine and there are very few families who have had no experiences of sadness but for someone like yourself to be hit with this cruel evil disease when you are so young is heartbreaking..you have dealt with everything that has been thrown at you with such tenacity and strength..I admire you so much for showing your true emotions –that takes some guts..We have no magic wand but will continue to support you and your family continually–I know that you are proud and happy to be raising awareness and nobody could be doing it better than you, but that doesnt mean that you cant “scream and shout and let it all out”–You are a wonderful lady xx

    • Mollie O'Reilly Says

      Dear Katie , I have been following you along your very hard journey and I just wanted to say that I am going to say a prayer for you everyday and Please God things will improve for you . You are a true inspiration to everyone and I am really sorry you are going through this .

      You take care ,


      Mollie xx

    • Susan,

      Sorry for the late reply. You always know what to say, thank you for writing your lovely, inspirational comment. Don’t you worry I do Scream & Shout!! I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. #cancersucks

      Katie xx

  • Emma Hadley Says

    Katie you are fighting – fighting harder than any war – you will try anything to give you and your family a chance of a future – i dont believe for one millisecond you are done yet and my family & i have the ultimate respect for you xxx you will decide what is right for you and when – we are all holding you up Katie xxxx lots of love & best wishes from me, karl & rosanna xxxx

  • Natalie Cox Says

    Katie as always you retain your courageous fighting spirit and will not, (and rightly so)accept that there are no options from here, you will do everything you can to give yourself and your family every possible option to tackle this.

    I admire you for continuing to share your very personal blog so openly through this journey, when sometimes all you really want to do is curl up and cry.

    Yourself, Stuart and your wonderful family are constantly within my thoughts. And as always, I really wish there was something, anything in fact that I could do to help you all, or make this easier for you.

    Love to all of you Katie
    X x x

  • Rob Meakin Says

    Keep up the fight Katie! You don’t know what’s around the next corner. They could come up with a new treatment tomorrow, you never know.
    You are inspirational to many fellow sufferers and I’m sure you’re family are very proud of you.

    • Rob,

      Sorry for the late reply. You are right, a lot of the time it’s about being in the right place at the right time for these treatments. I am ready to scream and shout and make myself known for anything that can help prolong my life. I will keep fighting as #cancersucks. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog.

      Katie xx

  • Sandy Says

    Love you Katie, feelin ur frustration and anger an thinkin ov u every day. Havin 2 young friends goin thru this at the same time is mental (Ami had another op yesterday). Hang in there, cos who knows what Leeds/Manchester/The Marsden can do. Youre both so brave.
    Big hugs thru the net till I can give u a real hug

  • Joanne Says

    Hi Katie, I just wanted to send you some love and hugs. You are an inspiration. Thinking of you and your wee family #cancersucksbigtime

    Love from Belfast x x

  • Pauline Rutherford Says

    Stay strong! Never stop fighting xxx

  • Hi Katie just read your blog, I don’t think I have ever come across anyone with such a simmuler story to mine. Even down to the kink in the bowel and the trouble eating. My story is at http://www.taniaonline.co.uk if you have some time please read it it be some help for you. I wish you all the best and please keep positive.

  • Andrew Jackson Smith Says

    Heyy Katie! 🙂 I think of you often as you are going through this difficult time 🙂 Its great to see that you are getting so much support & that you are so incredibly brave in this journey that you are on 🙂 You will always be in my thoughts & indeed many others. 🙂 Give my love to everyone 🙂

  • Lynne Still Says

    You are one brave lady, fighting on with courage and strength, I’m sure at times you are exhausted and weary, rightly so, but you are an inspiration. I truly hope that there is hope that the right kind of something is awaiting for you. Sending love and hugs to you, Stuart and family x x

  • HadCancerToo Says

    Katie – just feel so desperate for you. Have you googled top UK bowel surgeons? I had cancer diagnosed at 26, 18 years ago and have gone on to marry and have a gorgeous daughter. Your defiance of the disease is amazing … it isn’t unreasonable for you to expect to see your kids grow up… no one should take hope away from you. I am thinking of you.

  • Pam King Says

    Hi Katie. Was asking Carole how you are. Keep fighting beautiful girl.
    It is hard to know what to say……
    I think you are surrounded with the love of family and friends as we were, and still are.
    I’m doing Race for Life again this year. Perhaps one day cancer will be eradicated!
    Love and prayers. Pam

    • Pam,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot ans help me keep fighting the fight. Good Luck with Race for Life, I am hoping to do it in June too.

      Katie xx

  • Ruth Mackie Says

    Have you thought about returning to the clinical trial at the Royal Marsden? It really is another option for you, if they will still take you. I know it’s ‘experimental’ but the truth is that clinical trials cost a fortune and so the drug companies don’t start them until years of research have shown that the new drug is very, very promising. If there is a new drug which can reverse this horrible situation you’re in, a clinical trial is where you are most likely to find it. Wishing you the best that can possibly be wished! Love, Ruth xxx

    • Ruth,

      Sorry for the late reply. We have been referred again to the Marsden but there are a few other avenues Privately I wish to look at first, as I think a phase one trial is my last resort. They have kept the door open for me if I wish to go back. Thank you for your kind words.

      Love to you
      Katie xx

  • Mark McCawley Says

    Hi Katie,

    Your entire story is truely inspirational and your team of family and friends amazing.
    Keep fighting Katie, we are willing you all the way.
    Thinking of you


    • Mark,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind words, they do mean a lot and help me to keep fighting the fight. I really appreciate you taking the time to right on here.

      Katie xx

  • Maria Says

    Hi Katie!
    I have been reading your blog and following your story for a couple of months – I admire your strength and courage. I am thinking about you often and sending you my support. Please don’t give up!

    • Maria,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time t comment. Your kind words ive me inspiration to keep fighting the fight. #cancersucks

      Katie xx

  • Christian Says

    Hi Katie

    I have just been reading some of your blog and would just like to tell you to keep fighting, please dont give up


    • Christian,

      Sorry for the late reply. I won’t give up I can promise you. I will keep fighting this horrible disease. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment it really means a lot.

      Katie xx

  • Ronnie Says

    Hi Katie,you are an inspiration to all.Stay strong and keep fighting.Will say a prayer for you and you gorgeous family today.

  • Molly Says

    My Dad had bowel cancer, he had been tested for an given the all clear then after still having symtoms nearly 8 months later was told it was terminal. Always get second opinions for ops and treatments there is always hope and my Dad never stopped fighting. Sending you all my best wishes x

    • Molly,

      Sorry for the late reply. Sorry to hear about your Dad, cancer is such a horrible disease which affects everyone around too. Please stay strong!! Thank you for your fighting words, I won’t give up. #cancersucks


  • Trudi Roos Potter Says

    Thank you for letting me read your blog. I am from South Africa and I am a cancersurvivor. But, you never know what to expect. I will be thinking of you and may you get the strength that you need.

    • Trudi,

      Sorry for the late reply. Well done you for fighting such a horrible disease. Thank you for your kind words of inspiration, they keep me strong. #cancersucks

      Katie xx

  • Debbie Says

    Dear Katie, I have been following your blog and felt i had to put into words how incredibly strong you are. You should feel very proud of the determination you carry each day fighting this hideous disease. Don’t let this damn Cancer take you’r spirit ‘it’s not its to take’. Your family must i’m sure be very proud of you. Keep fighting. Xx

    • Debbie,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, it really means a lot. I will keep fighting!! #cancersucks

      Katie xx

  • Lucy Says

    Keep at it girl!!! You are quite frankly FABULOUS. I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel, physically and emotionally. All my love and hope goes to you, and to your family. Stay optimistic – there’s always a chance. Lucy xxx

  • kathy Says

    Hi Katie

    I have been reading your journal and want to extend to you so much positive and healing energy……There is much that surrounds us that we cant see or feel. Keep fighting, and well done for arguing with the Dr’s, they dont know everything, and you know youre body better than they do……Your amazing, and this blog gives hope to all of those who are trapped and at the mercy of the bastard that is cancer……

  • Kathy Says

    Dear Katie, I give people advice on diet who are facing various medical challenges I believe the following may help.Go to your nearest healthfood store and purchase a box of SUN CHLORELLA and start out taking 9 tablets divided into 3 doses. Take 3 after breakfast, 3 after lunch and 3 after dinner.Next go to http://www.LivOnLabs.com and purchase their vitamin C and the GSH GLUTATHIONE 3pacs each on a daily basis. Much love K

  • Imca Drommel Says

    Hi Katie, please take a look at the Gerson diet!! A friend of my cousin found his cure for cancer with that! No chemo, no radiation. It’s strickt but if it works worth to have a go!

    All the best,
    Imca XXX

  • Rachael Says

    Hi Katie,
    What an inspirational read this blog is, your strength is amazing and you are such a person to look up to. Best wishes to you and your family…keep on fighting!!! Rachael xxx

    • Rachel,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to comment. It really means a lot and I find strength from the words people write.

      Katie xx

  • Sarah Says

    Dear Katie,

    I just wanted to say this: God loves you soooo much that he wants you to be healed! Yes healed! So you can live your life with your family! He gave His only Son to die on a cross to take not only our sins but also our diseases and pains! Isn’t that wonderful! Cry out to him, be a miracle and in Jesus Christ’s Name i pray that you are healed! Amen!
    Stay strong, you truly are an example of courage!

  • Liz0800 Says

    Hi Katie,

    You won’t know me from random. I read your article and I wanted to know I was holding your hand through youre journey and that of your family. I could say lots of cliches but wont patronise you.

    Lots of love

    Liz Xxxxxxxx

  • Emma Says

    Never give up on hope. There has to be something that can be done and hopefully the other hospitals may be able to suggest other options.
    I think you are amazing and an inspiration. I will pray for you daily.
    Emma xx

  • Kerri Says

    Katie, I don’t know you but admire your brutal honesty, grit, determination and resilience. I’ve lost direct family and close friends to cancer and like you loathe what it does. However, cancer can’t take away the essence of who and what the person is. When your children are old enough to read and understand what you have written it will be clear to them what an amazing mother you are – cancer can never ever take that away. Sending lots of thoughts from New Zealand.

  • Alison Says

    Hi you don’t know me but I read the article online this morning. Very sadly my sister aged 34 is in a very similar situation. If you have not already contact the willow foundation. I am sure they will be able to create further memories for you all.

  • Miss C Says

    Believe in miracles.


  • Sue Walls Says

    I have just read your story and I think you are a remarkable young women. xx

  • Irene B. Says

    I came across your blog today. I was so moved by your journey. Keep fighting. You have amazing family and you are an inspiration to us all. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. xx

  • stephanie Warburton Says

    I have been reading your blogs over the last few weeks and think you are a truly amazing and inspiring young lady. I am sure your family and friends all feel they have been blessed to have you in their lives. I hope that you continue to fight this horrible disease (my dad has just had an operation to remove a tumour from his bowel) and I will most definately be trying to contribute my best to do the Race for Life this year in aid of Cancer Research. Lots of love and Hugs and stay strong and keep fighting xxxx

  • Wish our stories weren't so similar Says

    I was struck by the similarities in our situations. I’m battling advanced breast cancer and have an 8 year son and 5 year old daughter. I really do feel for you and can relate to so much of what you say. Like you, I can’t bring myself to tell my children the truth. I wish I could offer some pearls of wisdom. I guess nobody knows what tomorrow brings, we only really have today so I try to enjoy all the little things with my family. I think it’s great you are writing a blog for them and that’s given me food for thought!
    Stay strong. God bless. xx

  • Mollie O'Reilly Says

    NEVER EVER stop fighting Katie NEVER !! XXX

  • Mel Says

    Please search “run from the cure” there is a face book page also. Please don’t give up, even when the doctors say there is nothing more they can do. Try every avenue . Conventional medicine is not the only way.
    Look up corrie yelland she is a recent success story you can get in contact on Facebook.please contact me if you want to talk more – wishing you your health back xxx luv to you all xx

  • Aija Says

    Hello, darling!
    you are so strong.!
    i proud with you so much!
    I will pray about you!
    Don’t stop believing!
    God loves you! <3

  • Jo Bean Says

    Katie you are such an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the fight we are all 100% behind you. If you ever need timeout for 5 minutes our kettles always on and one of us are always in. We are only over the road that goes for Stuart and the children too. Your all more than welcome to pop over anytime.
    Love Ang & Jo xxxxx

  • Teresa Halligan Says

    Katie- have you been referred to the Peritoneal Tumour Service at the Christie or Basingstoke hospitals? Please check them out. I am thinking of you and your family every day xxx

    • Teresa,

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comment. I have been referred to The Christie, but not heard anything. I have also just been in contact with a colorectal surgeon in Basingstoke, just waiting to hear. Thank you again.

      Katie xx

  • emma Says

    Hi Katie

    Was at ur show tonite, it was amazin. U should take a look at Break Through Cancer Research they have had people from america come over for treatment

    Stay Strong
    God Bless

    Emma x

    • Emma,

      Thank you for coming to the show, I am really glad you enjoyed it. They were amazing and over and beyond anything I could have imagined. I will stay strong.

      Katie xx

  • Marridle Says

    I wish to send you love and any positive energy that I possibly can. I don’t know you personally but feel touched by your blog. You are a beautiful person x

  • Nick Says

    Hi Katie, Just found your article in the mercury. Your the first person I have found with the same condition. I live up the road in Kings Bromley.No options obviously finds you at a real low. What can I say , my heart goes out to you. I always find people telling me to be positive annoying, I now they mean well but it is non specific.You are a few months ahead of me , I was diagnosed 16.10.2013 so I am looking for pointers from you. I have a blog as well, very therapeutic as well as keeping people informed. I think we write the same.
    My only suggestion which could be of help is always have goals ,to reach a year, a month,a birthday or an anniversary and focus on them. There is a tendency to achieve what you think about.
    Always here if you want to compare chemo / hospitals, I guess you are at Burton. I am on oxaliplatin and capecitabine, never had nausea or sickness but my arm hurts like hell from the drip and taking the tape off the cannula feels like my skin is being peeled back with pliers 🙁
    finish with a joke, whats the difference between a vampire and a leech ??
    Half a pint !
    A Huge hug and focus on your next goal

    Nick X

    • Nick,

      Thank you for your kind words. What is your link for your blog? I have weekly goals I try to do, and I am constantly making lists. My schedule is quite hectic at the moment with treatment, centre parcs in over a week, shows we are taking the kids too and fundraiser events.
      Are you at Burton? I had Oxaliplatin and capecitabine last year. I hated the cold thing so much as I am an Ice Cube cruncher and missed that soo much…lol. I hope you are keeping as well as you can. #cancersucks

      Big Hug
      Katie xx

      • Nick Says

        Hi Katie , didn’t expect a reply as you have so many posts. Glad you did though 🙂 What a numpty I am not putting in the link, this should do it.

        I do it to keep family and friends up to date.
        I put stuff I find interesting in there thinking that others might find it interesting as well, they can always ignore if they don’t like detail
        and I try to include humour where ever possible. Plus there must be a therapeutic reason as well 🙂
        I was private at Burton but was persuaded to stay and see Dr Keni on the NHS , she does not do private but is part of the team which seemed to make sense. However with my appointment getting pushed back through holiday and illness I managed to get an appointment with Dr Chakraborti at the Nuffield. He saw me in 24 hours and that included checking with blood specialists as I have a rare virus. The one thing I miss is meeting fellow sufferers such as your self. All my chemo has been at home which was a great surprise and so much less stressful .
        Reading your blog I never knew ascites existed !
        An ice cube cruncher , I didn’t know another one existed 🙂 Do you crunch sweets as well ? and what about scratchings I have broken a few fillings on them. I can just about crunch an ice cube, quick bite then move it quickly round the mouth same as for a hot cup of coffee. Ice cream I wish I hadn’t bothered , you can’t move it quickly around and there’s only a 50-50 chance I will taste anything.
        Read your report on Belfast , WOW what a mix of emotions , all that stress getting there, then the roller coaster of meeting all your family
        friends and supporters. You write and put it over so well.
        If you read my blog you will see my treatment so far has been a walk in the park compared to yours. Its odd to say so but it is difficult for me not to feel guilty. I know its daft but there you go. I just wish I could give you some of what ever it is I have that accepts the chemo and stops me getting sick. ( have to dry my eyes now )
        Glad to see you are well ahead of me with the goals, keep them up and if you want a copy of “being Happy ” let me know and I will drop one in to you my compliments.
        Big Hug
        Nick X

      • Nick Says

        Hi Katie
        Professor Stubbings comes across as being at the top of his game. Look forward to reading about your meeting.
        I was recently called a dinosaur for not having Facebook, I was well into email before it came along and stayed where I was, now I find all the ads irritating. I do however have a you tube channel so if you want to see and hear what I look and sound like search nickgraytv on youtube 🙂
        Hope you have enjoyed the early morning sun lately, Big Hug Nick X

  • Nick Says

    Hi Katie
    Now figured out your archives and can see you do go to Burton ( a lot ). It now puts my position into perspective.
    hope you like the joke
    Nick X

  • Graham Says

    It is so important to keep your hope alive. Me and my wife are praying for you. We believe that there is a cure out there for cancer, though not well publicised. Dr Philip Day and Dr Felicity corbin wheeler both try to publicise it. Keep your hope alive.

  • Linda McCrea Says

    Dear Katie &lovely family .
    Hello .
    I am a resident of Gilnahirk: Belfast and truly find all of your amazing journey as a salutory lesson espec as I`m a nurse (albeit semi -retired) .
    .I volunteer and also work part -time for a regional Cancer Charity which supportsthe NI community who have acancer diagnosis and has province wide satellite centres emanating from it`s headquarters in Belfast .Yoga, Make up ,art therapy ,counselling to name a few of the free support services offered to patients &their families& according to feedback is a wonderful life-line ..Hope you are not unhappy with any suggestions here as only your immediate loved ones teallly know what your traumatic journey entails. The name is CANCER FOCUS and your parents and siblings can avail of this service too .Its` former name being ulster cancer foundation .I`m not advertising or anything just wishing to add another network to your repertoire of contacts .
    Much love to you and you and your husband and little beauties of children are sincerely in my thoughts at this difficult time.
    Laura`s story as a YOUNG BRIDE just emphasises the urgent need for all ALL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS,espec GP`S to step up to the plate and refer young adults with vague unresolved symptoms to a bowel specialist .
    Fond regards from an unknown Belfast lady who as a nurse does care .
    Love &Blessings &healing.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your comment and your lovely words of support and inspiration. I will pass this on to my mum and dad as they may need some support as they still live in Belfast. Cancer affects the whole family and not just the patient.
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment.
      Katie 🙂 #cancersucks

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